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  1. EMI Wire Mesh Shielding

    EMI Wire Mesh Shielding is tremendously used as a protective covering in electrical and magnetic fields. This offered heat resistant wire is hugely appreciated for its high shielding performance in electronic and electrical industry. Availability in diverse specifications makes it apt to be used in several areas be it exhaust systems and air-conditioners. Precise construction and simple installation service makes offered shielding wire foremost choice.
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  2. Wire Basket

    Whether it's for kitchen spaces or other decorative items, the offered Wire Basket is perfect to be utilized in kitchen cabinets and other interior decorative items like lighting basket kind of round balls used for lighting. They are easy to use and ideal for fruit, flower and dish baskets. Smooth in surface, high tensile strength and excellent corrosion-resistant basket is available in diverse shapes and sizes.
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  3. SS Braided Flexible Hose

    Offered SS Braided Flexible Hose is known to found tremendous use in chemical, paper & board, oil & gas, liquid handling and iron & steel industry. It is available in all medium, low and high pressures. The external braiding material of the flexibly braided hose is no other but quality-approved 304 stainless steel. With high temperature tolerance upto 800 C, there different types of 316L stainless steel, 321 stainless steel processing hose, etc are used. PTFE, Copper, Nylon, etc, are few out many materials used in making hose. Excellent thermal stability, corrosion resistance and vacuum tightness makes offered hose a apt product to be used in industrial boilers, steel and power plants.
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  4. Wire Rope

    Wire Rope is a line of numerous strands of metal wire that is twined into a helix forming rope in pattern called 'laid rope'. Wire with large diameter consisting multiple strands of laid rope in pattern is named as 'cable laid'. It is used for lifting and hoisting purposes in cranes and elevators for transferring mechanical power. High strength of rope makes it capable to support extremely large tensile forces for running sheaves with comparatively low diameters.
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