Nickel and Nickel Alloy Wire

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  1. Inconel And Incoloy Wire

    Finding major usage in food, chemical and nuclear industries, Inconel And Incoloy Wire is widely acclaimed for unparalleled finishing, excellent corrosion resistance in high-temperature water vapor and heat resistance. Two alloys used in making this wire, inconel and incoloy are perfect to be used extreme environments where corrosion and heat resistant is predominant to the wholeness of the end object. Accurate composition of Cr, Fe, Co, Al are used. The wire is available is several specifications like 0.025mm-10.00mm.
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  2. Iron Nickel Expansion Alloy Wire

    Iron Nickel Expansion Alloy Wire is widely acknowledged for its high elongation rate, corrosion-resistance, excellent thermal conductivity and superior finishing. This wire finds tremendous use in engineering, electrical and electronic applications. Average expansion ratio,Z10-6/, high tolerance capacity and availability in different grades makes offered wire a must to purchase product.
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  3. Monel Wire

    Monel Wire is majorly utilized in marine and aerospace applications. It is also used in making musical instruments. The wire is manufactured utilizing unparalleled quality of high grade alloys. Made up of finest materials, this wire is widely appreciated for striking attributes such as sturdy design, superior finish, high tensile strength and corrosion-resistance. This kind of wire has good machining and anti-corrosion properties which makes it fit to be used in knitting wire mesh for EMI padding and mist eliminator. Wire of different grades, is available high mechanical properties like high elongation, yield and tensile strengths.
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  4. Nickel Based Welding Wire

    Nickel Based Welding Wire is used in diverse engineering and electrical applications. It is widely appreciated for oxidation-resistance, thermal shock and chemical resistivity. This wire is designed and developed taking into use unmatched quality of materials. The presence of materials like C, Mn, Co, Nb+Ta and Fe, etc, makes the wire more reliable to perform several engineering and electrical operations. Availability in numerous sizes makes offered wire a worthy investment.
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  5. Electric Resistance Wire

    Electric Resistance Wire, is an alloy wire that is known to have higher electrical resistivity than wires made up of other materials. Anti-friction properties and good thermal shock resistance makes offered wire a perfect material to be take into use for manufacturing electrical heating equipment and components. Available in size range of 0.03mm-1.0mm, this wire at different grade specifications and presence of materials performs smoothly. Like at Cr20Ni80 Max. continuous service temp. of element of this wire is 1200 and it varies with changes. Thermal conductivity also varies as per specifications.
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  6. Pure Nickel Wire

    Pure Nickel Wire is known as the most apt wire to be used for engineering and electrical applications. Made up using pure nickel, this wire is highly appreciated for its good thermal conductivity, tensile strength and elongation. Available in numerous specifications, this wire is generally utilized for making electronic components. Smooth finishing, uniform thickness and robust designing are few of the striking features of our offered wire that is provided in diameter:0.03mm-1.0mm.
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