Copper Alloy Wire

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  1. Copper Based Low Resistance Heating Alloy Wire

    Good electrical & thermal conductivity and excellent corrosion-resistance, makes offered Copper Based Low Resistance Heating Alloy Wire, a worthy investment. Used in several electrical and other engineering applications, this wire attributed with excellent physical properties of copper enjoys great demand in marketplaces. Composed using equal percentages of Cu, Ni and Mn, with excellent tensile strength from 210 (NC003CuNi1) to 400 (NC035CuNi3), 20 Resistence, offered wire is dimensionally accurate having longer service life.
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  2. Special Silicon Bronze Wire

    Special Silicon Bronze Wire is hugely demanded by electrical, electronic and other heavy engineering industries because of the striking attributes like low resistance and superior finish. The quality of being easy to be machined and welded, makes this offered wire perfectly suitable for getting used in home electrical, lighting and electronic applications. Accurate composition of Sn, Pb, Ni, Mn and Cu, etc, High, end and middle tolerance power and availability in numerous grade sizes, makes supplied wire a must purchased item.
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  3. Copper Alloy Welding Wire

    With excellent features such as good thermal & electrical conductivity, superior finish and longer service life, etc, by its side, Copper Alloy Welding Wire is gaining huge prominence in the electrical and electronic industry. Accurate composition of materials are used to build this wire. Availability in several grade sizes makes it apt to be used for diverse heating, electrical and mechanical applications.
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